Hand Picked List: A Blast From the Past

"Do you own a radio?"
Brought to you by vintagesuffolk
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Published on 06/07/22

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User comments on A Blast From the Past

Starfisher says: June 08, 2022

This is great, had a few of these myself!

AudiLee says: June 08, 2022

The only radio I have left is in my studio standard Fisher (AM/FM reciever) It has huge 4’ speakers… still works fine LOL.. My favorite radio looked like a victorian telephone.. my brother got it for me when he was in the Air Force. Nice memory, nice list. Very unique.

VintageVarietyShop says: June 08, 2022

Super choices! I still have a repro transistor that I use to listen to baseball games (Cleveland).

vintagesuffolk says: June 09, 2022

I have one to use if the electricity goes out.

quadrina says: June 12, 2022

Trip down memory lane. Fun list ….. from quadrina :)