Hand Picked List: Chocolates, Diamonds & Roses

"delectable gifts for the eyes and taste buds "
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 01/17/22

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I would love any of these, how about you? Do you have a favorite?

AudiLee says: January 17, 2022

Diamonds are lovely and definitely enduring but my taste runs more to chocolate!! Oh dear me, it’s sad but true. Always love getting roses, too.. miniatures are one of my favorites, I’ve planted a few through the years.

teristrunk says: January 17, 2022

I’m partial to chocolate as well. Thanks for including my trinket box in this lovely list!

Starfisher says: January 18, 2022

Chocolate is my downfall, I am still trying to lose weight from all the Christmas goodies. Thank you so much for including one of mine.

VintageVarietyShop says: January 18, 2022

Yes to chocolate anything! Super choices in this one.

sparkleize says: January 18, 2022

Thank you for adding my Homco picture and beautiful rose necklace to your hand picked list. I am sitting here with a coffee cup that says More Chocolate Please! on it. Can a woman ever get enough chocolate???? NO!

perfumeandpharmacy says: January 19, 2022

Hi Audi!
Thanks so much for including my Diamond Cross and Vintage Czech Perfume Bottle to this amazing HPL….
Wishing you a wonderful 2022 my friend…
Love you, Karen

FantasticFinds2014 says: January 19, 2022

Mmmm Chocolate! Great HPL! Thanks for including my Video Game!

vintagesuffolk says: January 20, 2022

congrats on the home page and thanks for sharing my Czech 2 handled
rose vase.

NeillsDeals says: January 20, 2022

what a beautiful HPL, Audi! Thank you so very much for including us! We are so honored!

Bootsies_Home_Garden says: January 20, 2022

How Romantic and Timely! We love all your picks, Audi and are so delighted that you include us! Big Hugs and Many Thanks!

quadrina says: January 21, 2022

You have checked all the boxes here Audi! Love them all. Congrats on making the Home Page! Beautiful list and well deserved ….. from quadrina :)