Hand Picked List: Heroes and Villains...

"Saving the Earth, one villain at a time"
Brought to you by AudiLee
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Published on 03/03/21

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Do you have a favorite hero and/or villain?

AudiLee says: March 04, 2021

I think my favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. I loved Cat Woman, though considered a villain, I always hoped she would turn good. Before Selena’s death (and resurrection by hundreds of cats) she was a nice lady :D LOL

sparkleize says: March 05, 2021

Thanks for adding my t-shirt to your hpl.

New_Minifigures says: March 05, 2021

Thank you for adding our Falcon Super Hero Minifigure into your list, we appreciate it :)

NeillsDeals says: March 05, 2021

Oh how FUN, Audi! Thank you so much for crating this HPL and for so kindly including us! We are thrilled!

QuakerMaid says: March 05, 2021

Thank you for adding my ‘superhero’ dog scoop.
I like that jigsaw puzzle!

Bootsies says: March 05, 2021

Wow, we LOVE this HPL. Audi! What a great way to kick off Spring (almost) and hopefully a much better time for everyone! Thank you very much for letting us be part of the play/script!

AudiLee says: March 05, 2021

Hi sparkleize, my pleasure :) New_Minifigures.. that was really cool, a very nice find indeed and thanks for stopping by! Neills and Bootsies, what great items you both have in your booths, you are both so very welcome! QM.. Labradors are such great heroes, really felt it was appropriate (besides I purchased one and I love it! I had to include him)

AudiLee says: March 10, 2021

Just replaced one.. happy sales :)