Hand Picked List: Meatless Mondays AND Holidays

"I've Always Wanted to Try a Tofurkey"
Brought to you by QuakerMaid
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Published on 10/16/21

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AudiLee says: October 17, 2021

My late boss was a vegan. His wife made tofurkey for holidays, I never tried it but I heard it was pretty good. Occasionally, I eat veggie burgers. I add a Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, avocado and cheese, yummo! Good stuff here, I’m getting hungry! :D

Starfisher says: October 18, 2021

I don’t think I could be a Vegan, but this list has some great selections. I’m a Portabella fan for sure.

QuakerMaid says: October 19, 2021

@AudiLee: The mushrooms are very good! I think it’s a great meat substitute. And they can be fried, like steak or burger. I’ve never had a tofurkey. I would be open to try everything in that list. I’m trying to go vegan. I’m already vegetarian.
I thought it would be harder than what it is, but I’m doing very well weeding out them animal products.

QuakerMaid says: October 19, 2021

@Starfisher: I like mushrooms . . . . . A LOT!
ANd for those who like burgers, the portabellas give the same texture as the meat.

I don’t think veganism is for most people. In the U.S., we’re too meat-centric to achieve a mostly-vegetarian diet.
But these are good alternative for those suffering from meat-eating related health problems, or just trying to cut down on the abuse of animals during the factory-farming process, or maybe spiritual ideology . . . .
Just some ideas.

AudiLee says: October 21, 2021

Good job, QM! My niece has been vegetarian most of her life but she and her husband have both crossed over to the Vegan side :D

QuakerMaid says: October 25, 2021

@AudiLee: I think I’d be doing better if I didn’t have my partner. He eatss whatever he feels like.
So there’s cheese and milk in the house at all times. Sometimes it’s easy to make a smoothie or throw a slice of cheese on my soup.
But I’m still doing very well in reducing my animal products.
Is that the same neice who came to visit you?