Hand Picked List: PAPER CAPER

"All Things Delightful With or Involving Paper"
Brought to you by BonnieLouLane
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Published on 08/12/19

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User comments on PAPER CAPER

Starfisher says: August 13, 2019

Great idea for a list.

GracefulVintageNow says: August 13, 2019

What great selections and list.

gadzookerysales says: August 13, 2019

Great Selections

BonnieLouLane says: August 13, 2019

As an artist dealing with paper for both Colored Pencil and Watercolor, I am interested in seeing what delightful objects I can find that are either made out of paper or having to do with paper. I was quite delighted with these items, and then I also added my own two note card set dealing with Friendship, Coffee and Chocolate, which I think are kind of light-hearted and fun. I’m VERY INTO chocolate to sooth the troubled mind and heart, and coffee helps too, especially with a dear friend. It is in this spirit that I created the above two-card set.

TheCountrySunshine says: August 13, 2019

What a wonderful collection. Many ideas and designs could be made from this collection

We5BFinds says: August 16, 2019

Clever title.