Hand Picked List: SOUND of MUSIC - sold 1

"Some great gift ideas for music lovers!!!"
Brought to you by quadrina
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Published on 09/06/20

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User comments on SOUND of MUSIC - sold 1

VintageVarietyShop says: September 06, 2020

A super title and a great idea for a list!

teristrunk says: September 06, 2020

Wonderful list! Thanks for including my CD.

QuakerMaid says: September 06, 2020

That gold compact is neat-o.

Starfisher says: September 07, 2020

This is a fantastic list, I like the title a lot as well. The Metronome brings back so many memories of childhood piano lessons. Thank you so much for including my items in this musical HPL!

Robin1 says: September 07, 2020

Some great finds on this list! Thanks for including something of mine!

Lost_Treasures says: September 07, 2020

Quadrina, – Your List is Music to my ears. – Thank You for including two of mine. -

AudiLee says: September 07, 2020

I LOVE this movie and I love this list, what great items you picked!! Now you got me singing the song!! LOL :D Thanks so much quadrina, I truly appreciate the inclusions <3 Also, that is the prettiest little cello brooch!!

sparkleize says: September 08, 2020

What would the world do with out the sounds of music? It is such a large part of a lot of lives. The emotions it can create area amazing. Besides that, what would we have to dance too if not music???? Thank you for including my guitar pitch pipe in your hpl.