Hand Picked List: Useful on a Farm

Brought to you by bvaughnfamily
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Published on 03/19/17

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User comments on Useful on a Farm

Lost_Treasures says: March 20, 2017

Great List bvaughnfamily, – Thanks for having Me along -

bvaughnfamily says: March 21, 2017

Thanks Lost_Treasures :) I appreciate your kind comment and your view ?

LoveMomSoaps says: March 22, 2017

So honored to be Hand Picked! And what a great list! Thanks bvaughn! Blessings to you~ :)

bvaughnfamily says: March 24, 2017

@LoveMomSoaps you are most welcome – thanks for the view and kind comment :)

AudiLee says: May 11, 2020

Hi, Wow! I just saw this on my items in HPL’s, it’s 3 years old! How did I miss this back then? LOL! Thought I’d come pay a visit and a way over-due thank you!! Audi (used to be rockonbyaudi) if you’re not sure who I am as I had changed my biz name here.
Wishing you many happy sales!

bvaughnfamily says: May 31, 2020

@AudiLee – thanks for the visit, thanks for including me in your old time bonanzlers HPL and hey, thanks for being an old time bonanzler! Blessings to you & yours, tonia