Pentecost Icon 11" x 14" Wooden Plaque
With Lumina Gold.

The Holy Virgin sits enthroned amidst the Apostles in the Upper Room on the Holy Day of Pentecost in our Pentecost Icon. The descent of the Holy Spirit is evidenced by the tongues of fire at the heads of the Apostles. The bearded crowned figure at the bottom symbolizes the World, and he is holding twelve scrolls as a sign of the Apostles' evangelical message to come.

Rich colors, golden background, and exquisite details
Our icon prints are made with our exclusive LUMINA GOLD technology, "painted" in a giclĂ©e process (rather than the chemical process of photo prints) on 1200-dpi 12-color printers give a broad and rich spectrum of colors and detail and a stunning gold leaf appearance to the backgrounds. The inks are the longest-lasting on the market.

Non-glare satin lamination with a durable, washable surface
The prints are covered with a protective non-yellowing laminate with a UV filter, with a permanence rating of 300 years under normal conditions. (Note for inside use only, as with all photo prints, direct sunlight will cause fading.)

High-quality green-friendly wooden plaques
The prints are mounted on high-density fiberwood sealed on both sides with a high-pressure laminate to protect the print from any deterioration and mounted 3/8" wood. Our wood is formaldehyde-free and 100% green-friendly.