Huge lot of 5,000 OLD BASEBALL CARDS

All in un-opened PACKS!

(If you prefer a mix of all 4 Sports just let me know and I can do that!)

Makes an outstanding GIFT for any collector!!

Opening packs is what they really love to do. In these packs you have the chances to get some great rookie cards and hall of fame cards!!

Give this as a gift and wait until you see the BIG SMILES on their face when they open this!!!

Or Buy it for your own collection!!

You are getting the best brands of cards in your huge lot:

Your lot will include
5,000 cards!!

Your lot will include several rack packs from:
1986 thru 1991. Most of these will be TOPPS. You will get other years and brands too!

If you were to try and buy this collection of packs at your local store, it would cost you significantly much more, if you could even match the quality and variety of packs.


These are all un-searched as they are part of my own collection. Mint cards right from the packs are fun to collect and you get the chance at some great rookies and stars.