Self-Inflating Airbed Mattress & Pillow for Outdoor Camping & Indoor Use

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The Ivation Self-Inflating Mat is perfect for Camping or any Outdoor use. It inflates or deflates with the turn of a knob, and rolls into a small bundle for carrying or storage. The Mat does not need power to inflate; No blowing or pumping; just unroll and turn the knob, and in minutes it is ready for a comfortable night’s sleep. Sleeps big and folds small!


• Inflates in minutes.

• Rolls up into a convenient bundle for storage or to carry on your backpack.

• Straps included to hold the bundled mat closed.

• Cold-resistant to 16°F (-9°C).

• Puncture resistant; extremely durable and abrasion resistant.

• PVC patch kit included to fix leaks or tears.

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