We improved our Travel Guzheng Series after hearing a lot of professional guzheng musician feedback. You needed brighter high notes, and stronger mids. We improved the YUE-Shan (usually S shaped) to get the tones that our performers have requested for. With a Travel Sized Guzheng, you are free to go to almost wherever the gigs take you! At 125cm (4' 1") , its small enough to fit into the back seat of any car. We ensured that the sound is good enough for most gigs, or a classroom situation, where you, the teacher needs to fit 4,5 or even more guzhengs into the same classroom.

-Improved Travel Sized (4'1") Guzheng made with solid paulownia with Black Sandalwood Veneer - Travel Sized Chinese Koto

-Brighter and Louder than most Travel Guzheng, with a mellow bass tone

-Sounds almost as good as a full sized Guzheng, but more portable for the travelling musician

-OrientalMusicSanctuary provides USA-Based Warranty


The Bamboo Grove – OrientalMusicSanctuary. Established in 2013, we are a group to 2nd and 3rd Generation luthiers and instrument makers, who inherited the legacy of traditional musical instruments from our forefathers. Being trained since childhood to be proficient in performance, and having been in constant contact and collaboration with top-level performers from universities, conservatories and international orchestras all our lives, we find the need to ensure that our friends internationally have the means of acquiring decent instruments that can perform at the top level.

The advancement in Traditional Chinese Music in the 21st century means we need musical instruments that at least meet basic requirements of intonation, timbre, ergonomics and playability. Erhus, for example, need to be able to play high notes way beyond their usual range, without the harshness that it used to have. Flutes have to stay in tune with minimal effort from the performer. Contemporary works demand the guqins sound clear in all notes. The list of requirements from top-tier performers grows with every new work that challenges the modern performer.

Yet, our performers are deeply rooted in tradition. We were all trained to love, learn and perform our classics which dates from more than 2 millennia ago. Our instruments must still possess the tonal abilities and depth of sounds to play like how our forefathers did.

OrientalMusicSanctuary seeks to do just that. Working with teachers, performers and musicians, we started have our own requirements for every instrument. We believe that at an affordable price, we will be able to meet the exacting standards set forth by performers.

Remember: We are Musicians too!