Dog Paw Protection BootsOur Neoprene Boots don't just look great they protect dog paws from ice, salt, and snow.In our overzealousness to protect dogs from the harshest winter elements, we designed these Neoprene Boots to feature special warming technology, strong traction treads, and durable, lightweight soles capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -4 F. Neoprene dog boots with ThermaPet technology offer protection from the harshest winter elements Durable, lightweight rubber soles with strong traction treads for slippery outdoor surfaces Sole can withstand temperatures as low as -4 F to as high as 176 F Outer neoprene shell acts as an insulating layer while the inner MPET layer reflects back the dog's own heat into the boot for extra warmthgreat for all weather conditions Front zipper and single-strap, reflective velcro fastening for an easy, secure fitMaterial: 100% Polyester Neoprene Vulcanized Rubber Sole MPET
Sizes:XX-Small measures 2 L x 1½ W x 3 HX-Small measures 2¼ L x 1½ W x 3¼ HSmall measures 2½ L x 2 W x 30.75 HMedium measures 3 L x 2¼ W x 4 HLarge measures 3¼ L x 2½ W x 4½ HX-Large measures 3½ L x 3 W x 5 H

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