Nourishing night cream-mask Nutri-Gold from L'Oreal Paris can be used as a care cream or as a mask for dry, sensitive skin.
The L'Oreal Paris laboratories have combined precious rust and argan oils known for their intense nutritional properties.
The cream-mask combines the protective and nourishing properties of royal milk and illuminates the flower of Imperata preciosa to intensively nourish your skin and restore its shine.
The night cream-mask provides the skin with perfect comfort, leaving it with an invisible silky, elastic and non-greasy layer without a feeling of stickiness.
A wonderful floral scent of lavender and rosemary oils improves well-being and relaxes the senses.
As a result, the skin becomes intensively moisturized, soothed and full of radiance.

Immediately: the skin becomes moisturized, smooth and softer.
It regains a sense of comfort.

Day by day: the skin regains its glow, its appearance improves.
 In 84% of women, the problem of dry skin is resolved *.

* Consumer test on 59 women. 


How to use
1. Carefully wash your makeup and clean your skin.
2. Apply a thin layer of cream-mask to the face.
Massage with slow, circular motions, pressing on the temples, cheeks and forehead.
3. For intensive nourishment and soothing the skin, apply a thicker layer of cream-mask and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Remove the excess with a cotton swab.