Whiro, Maori god of death curse spell!


Call upon this ancient god for your ultimate



The results of this spell are not able to be

spoken of here!

I think you know what that means!

Whiro is the god of death and known as the

prince of evil and darkness. He is responsible for

the misfortunes of all persons. Whiro gained his

powers by eating the people who die and are

descended into the underworld. Whiro is known

as the embodiment of all evil.

You can give your enemy's very essence to

Whiro, the Maori god of death!

Once he is summoned and he reaps their soul,

they will suffer forever!

Destroy the chains holding you down in your life!


This spell will give you your ultimate vengeance!

Whiro will be delighted to take them off your


The ancient Maoris knew the power that Whiro


Now you can have access to this power!


Some say this is forbidden magick that should

only be practised under urgent circumstances!

You do not have to deal with your enemy ever


Whiro will take them from your life!

Witches from our coven have used this spell for



Now is your chance to tap into this powerful