Approximate size 13" x 12.4" You may need to cut corners for rounded or custom application. This is a vinyl, laser cut decal....WAY better than a bumper sticker. The material used is made to last 6 years on the outside of your vehicle but can be applied to most clean smooth surfaces. This product applies to your car similar to how you apply a temporary tattoo.... ...don't worry, we provide in depth application instructions. The transfer tape that we use on our products is clear, which makes for easy application All sizes are approximate, if you need an EXACT size, please let us know. PLEASE NOTE: Glow in the dark decals are clear/white and become "charged" with light when light is applied and then glow green. Once charged it will glow for some time. These do not glow on their own, but require you to charge it with light or when light hits it. Outline for glow decals has a brownish hue.