Vintage Playmobil Magic Princess Castle #4254 Royal Nursery Complete/NR MT-MINT (B)

Vintage Playmobil Magic Princess Castle #4254 Royal Nursery Complete/NR MT-MINT (B) (More photos below)

I wonder whether England's Prince George is taken care of by a Nanny or if his mother, Kate Middleton, shoulders most of his care? Here for your consideration is a Playmobil #4254 Royal Nursery set. Introduced in 2006, this add-on set was designed to accompany Playmobil's # 4250 Magic Princess Castle. I've painstakingly examined the contents of this set and it's 100% complete.


The set features a dutiful Nanny taking care of her royal charge. Wearing a green sling, she cradles the Prince and feeds him his bottle or something more substantial using his royal spoon or bowl. After burping him, she tucks him under his monogrammed blanket in his "gold-trimmed" cradle with a green canopy and crown. She gently rocks him to sleep and then decides to "take a load off of her feet" by removing sling and sitting in her ornate rocking chair. There's no rest for the weary, however, as she continues to keep watch over the royal offspring using the soft candlelight afforded by the standing candelabra.


FYI, Playmobil toys are renowned for their high quality, durability, attention to detail, and the extendibility of their underlying toy system. All figures are scaled to fit in a child's hand with add-on accessories (e.g. hats, skirts, aprons, collars, scarves, armor, head dresses, shoes, sandals, jewelry etc.) lending authenticity to the different characters involved. The jointed figures are able to clasp items in their hands and move about through "child power." A wide assortment of vehicles, animals, furniture, and buildings are realistically scaled according to their "real-life" equivalents and to reflect actual life scenarios. Several of the animals have mouths that open and close and the elephants' trunks can pick up buckets by their handles etc..

All of Playmobil's play sets revolve around established "themes" familiar to young children (e.g. Medieval Castles and Knights, Pirates, Western Forts, Native Americans, Trains, Stage Coaches, Gold Mines, Circuses, Zoos, Victorian Mansions, Fairy Tale Castles, Sherwood Forest, Construction, Doctors and Dentists' Offices, Hospitals, Airports, Modern Homes etc.).

Given the high level of detail, children's imaginations are afforded endless open-ended play opportunities. Not only do these toys broaden a child's imagination, creativity, attention, and use of elaborate oral narratives, they also have earned numerous toy awards and conform to the highest production standards of quality and safety in accordance with European and American safety guidelines. These toys, while primarily manufactured in Germany, also are produced in Malta and Spain. They are distributed in more than 70 countries throughout the world.


Due to the small, intricate parts, Playmobil recommends that these toys be reserved for children 4 years of age and up. However, my daughter, who never mouthed her toys and was advanced for her age, received her first Playmobil toys at 2 1/2 years of age. Adult supervision is highly recommended for children under 3-4 years of age.


This is a fascinating set and one that beautifully complements the Magic Princess Castle. This set weighs @ 5 oz. UNWRAPPED. My location is Lafayette, IN (47905).


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