The Austin Saucer collects excess water drainage and soil spillage from your flower pots. The classic design of these planters and saucers make it a great element for decorative purposes. Protect your hardwood floors, carpets, decks, and furniture from those harmful water stains and rings plants often leave with our sturdy, re-usable plant saucers. Thicker and sturdier than most other plastic plant saucers. Our plant saucers are specially made in the USA using high impact polypropylene which is a strong plastic that is easy to clean. The trays are heavy duty enough to hold large and heavy pots but light enough that theyre easy to handle and move. The underside is ribbed to keep saucer slightly above the floor surface to protect your household surfaces. The round shape and flat inner surface allows the pot or planter to rest evenly on nearly all surfaces. Its the perfect plant drip pan for inside, outside, patio, terrace, yard or household locations.

Features and Specifications

This package includes 5 plastic plant saucers. The color is molded throughout the resin and matches many different decors. Each flower pot saucer measurements are on the chart provided in the pictures. Carefully read the size on the picture to ensure that our pot trays meet your needs. Note measurements on top of saucers are bigger than bottom measurements.