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Better together Pack provides 250 health building properties

 Taking daily of all of all lifestyles products gives you the synergistic effects , maximize the benefits and you get the ultimate result of your health.

Intra is a product of Lifestyles Global Network, Manufactured in Canada and Distributed by Lifestyles USA.

It is Premium Quality, Natural Source:

Quality Assured: Manufactured in accordance with GMP's as outline by the Canadian Natural Health.

Intra is a pleasant-tasting proprietary herbal supplement containing 23 botanical extracts.

Formulated to help boost your body's systems while increasing energy and vitality.

Balance and strengthening 8 Biological system of the Body

Immune supporters, Detoxifiers, Balances hormones, energy boosters, antioxidants, digestive aids, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support the nervous and skeletal system.

Individual Bottle contains 32 fl oz /950 ML liquid herbal Juice

Nutria Plus




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