Hello and welcome to my booth! Up for sale is the G3 My Little Pony Flutter Butter. If you are looking for any specific issues, please ask (I check every pony over for issues, but it's easy to miss something).

My household is NOT a smoke free, pet free environment. I take every possible care to keep my collectibles clean and odor free (they are kept in a smoke free room, sealed in bins and boxes with dryer sheets and dessicants and other protection) but I cannot guarantee a complete lack of smoke smell. In addition, about 95% of my items are secondhand (ie. purchased from somewhere else), and I can't guarantee the state of someone else's household. If you are highly sensitive to smoke or pets, you probably shouldn't bid just in case.

The shipping listed is for within the US. I do ship internationally, but please email me for shipping costs (I don't see a calculator for international costs on the site) Thanks very much for looking and please ask me any questions you may have.