Item is NEW, unopen, and Sealed with Manufacturer.

You get 1 bottle of INTRA liquid and 2 bottles of INTRA capsule gel

Intra is a product of Lifestyles Global Network, Manufactured in Canada and Distributed by Lifestyles USA.

It is Premium Quality, Natural Source:

Quality Assured: Manufactured in accordance with GMP's as outline by the Canadian Natural Health.

Intra capsule is a pleasant-tasting proprietary herbal supplement containing 23 botanical extracts.

Formulated to help boost your body's systems while increasing energy and vitality.

Only Intra supports the Body's eight Biological systems.

Balance and strengthening 8 Biological system of the Body

Immune supporters, Detoxifiers, Balances hormones, energy boosters, antioxidants, digestive aids, support a healthy cardiovascular system, support the nervous and skeletal system.



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