NVYN Schedule Software is used for for Scheduling Visitor Time with Work Staff.
Usage: Login text at end of Installation
• FOR Small Company, Provider, Org, Business
• LITE Installation; Installs in Minutes
• PC/Desktop/Laptop/Windows Software
• BOARD to Plan, Print, Email Meeting
• ADMIN for Org Setup & Maintenance
• Plan Meet, Meet Print, Email Meet
• Setup Work Staff, Message, Calendar
• Schedule Visitor Time Conveniently
• Send Timely Reminders to Visitors
• Categorize Meeting by Colored Groups
• Predefine Purpose/Task for Meet-Detail
• Visitor Labels, Group, Purpose List
• Staff, Group, Month, Cost Summary
• Email or Print or Save; Info & Report
• Evaluate-Before-Purchase; Trust-Self-Review
1): Software delivered via Digital-File; Product-key (license) emailed upon Validation.
2): Refund or Return NOT Accepted/Allowed/Processed.