6BH6 Radio Tube

Raytheon 6BH6 tube. This one is an RF amp in radio service, sometimes found in old car radios (I think) which use a vibrator power supply to generate a large enough B voltage for plates of "regular" tubes. Amateur radio operators will find this one to be of valuein mobile communications equipment. 

Guaranteed to work or I'll give you a refund!

All of my tubes and parts are from my long-held collection. I've been a radio hobbyist since I was very young. My interest lies in vintage radios and audio equipment, which I enjoy repairing and restoring. If you need a certain tube or part, please let me know, as I might have it.

I like to keep my items reasonably priced, as old tubes are best when installed in radios, not when they're stuffed into my tube caddy! My postage prices are reasonable as well--I charge postage to cover postage--not to supplement my earnings! I'll combine multiple items whenever possible to further conserve postage. With tubes, generally I can ship a pile of them for the same price as I can one. If you want a quote for multiple tube (or other item) purchases, just let me know what you're wanting to buy and I'll work up shipping for you. I can ship by USPS Parcel Post or Priority Mail.

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