Fire Burn: Tales of Witchery was compiled by Ken Radford. "Fire Burn is a collection of tales of witchery from all over the world. The stories come from state and county archives or from the memories of those who recall characters and incidents related by their forebears. Some of the stories are based on well-recorded historical fact such as the Witches of Salem while others rely on oral history passed from parent to child through the generations. In the main the tales reflect customs and a way of life long gone but some are as recent as the 1940s showing that belief in the power of witchcraft persists to this day."

The book is copiously illustrated with period pieces, including woodcuts and black-and-white copies of appropriate paintings.  It includes anecdotes about particular trials, torture methodology, familiars, personal letters, and assorted folklore.

This is the hardcover stated Bedrick First Edition from 1990.  Both the DJ and the book are in positively excellent condition. There are no rips, tears, markings, etc. and the pages and binding are tight.  This wonderful, impossible-to-find item is available for purchase now!

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