Phonograph needle house packaged Pfanstiehl 863-DS77, for EV 3331DS, 863-DS77.  Replaces:  Vaco Varco CN-D.  Used in:  Monaural Vaco CN-60, 62, CN-65, 67, 68, all CN Series Varco cartridges.  Stereo Vaco CN-70, 72, 75  Dejay  Electone  Electrophonic  Columbia  Coronado  Embassy  Emerson  Motorola  Sears  Teletone  Truetone  Vanity Fair  Voice of Music  Webcor.  Tip materials  .7 mil diamond and Radii: 3 mil Synthetic Sapphire.  Speeds:  16, 33, & 45 RPM.  New old stock.  Packages vary.  Color of needle may be black or white.  House packaged.

N754SD, 906DS, 3330DS, VA304SD, 636SD, W327STDS  856-283  CND  NTO-11  635GD  13-1171  42-1805   N752  3331  333DS  AC405  AC406  EA1093  EA1589  EA1903  EA1093  EA1589  EA1903 863

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Model numbers are provided in manufacturer's references for the cartridge they installed in those models.  If the cartridge has been changed by a dealer or user, this needle will not be correct for the model numbers listed, as it is the cartridge that determines what needle is needed.  Be sure it looks like your old needle.