**Autoharp and Glass Butterfly are NOT included in this listing!** 


       Autoharps and Chromaharps are very much in demand these days-used ones are selling on online auction sites like crazy!

      But-if you've never played,how do you know a good one from a lemon? 

 Do you know........

    Sad to say,most sellers know absolutely nothing about the autoharps they list for online sale. Some are up front about this,some are not. 

     Sherrie Hoyer has written a wonderful 5 page booklet that is full of what you need to know before placing that bid or hitting the "buy it now" button. 

 And if you're thinking I'm asking a lot for this info.....wouldn't you rather spend $9.99 and shop wisely,or would you rather take a guess and spend $50,$60,or more and find you either got a lemon or a harp that's going to cost another $60 to fix? 

      In this day and age,spending money wisely is more important than ever-yet when it comes to buying a used instrument like an autoharp,most folks don't educate themselves first,and that can wind up in money thrown out in the street and getting an unrepairable,unplayable instrument. 

   Don't let this happen to you! 

  Sherrie wrote this booklet going from her own personal experiences in autoharp hunting and shopping online. It's easy to read,no nonsense, and after you read it you will be well equipped to start looking at autoharp listings,knowing what questions to ask sellers,and when to ask for additional photographs. 

   Reading this booklet can save you a lot of money and frustration,and most importantly,avoiding commonly made mistakes in shopping. 

Be a smart shopper. Order your copy today!