G3 My Little Pony MLP PINKIE PIE with cape, PRE-OWNED
The shipping/handling charge to be ADDED to the bid or purchase amount for USA destinations is $8.00 for Priority (box) OR $5.00 for 1st class (envelope)



Merchandise in original shipped condition may be returned for any (or no) reason within 30 days of the end of the listing for refund of the purchase amount, S/H charges are not refundable under any circumstances.



All payments must be made via PayPal.

Insurance against shipping loss or damage is INCLUDED in S/H.

I ship the same day or next business day after receipt of payment. For PayPal e-checks 'receipt' means clearance, usually 4 business days in the U.S., 15 days outside of the U.S.

You may reduce S/H costs on multiplesale and/or fixed price items by requesting a combined total.

If shipping to a

FLORIDA address add 7% Florida sales tax unless the purchase is for an exempt purpose and you provide a Florida sales tax number on a signed exemption certificate.


FOREIGN BUYERS - Please note carefully:

Import duties, taxes and charges are solely the buyer's responsibility and are NOT included in either the item price OR in S/H charges.

Indicating that this merchandise is a 'gift' is prohibited by US law and any customs declaration will reflect the price paid, exclusive of S/H.



Anything NOT PICTURED IN THIS LISTING such as original packaging, tags, components or accessories is NOT INCLUDED.

The term 'rub' refers to worn areas. 'Minor marks' means small marks of ink, dirt, etc.

I personally examine every item, but I don't do it with a microscope. You acknowledge that clothing and cloth and other items may have stains, marks or soiling which aren't readily evident, pin-sized holes from staples or other minor defects which were not readily apparent to me upon cursory inspection and were therefore not noted in the item description.

No representation is made about whether any item has been exposed to smoke, pets or anything else which may cause an odor. You acknowledge that I'm not the original owner of any item and that I don't know the history of any item.

No representation is made about my knowledge or expertise. You acknowledge that I'm not an expert on any particular type of merchandise or collectible.

Batteries aren't included.

All items are sold 'as is' with no warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. You assume any and all risk of and liability for damages of any type or kind.



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