Albina's Shamanic cleansing ceremony as taught to her by her late Friend Little Dove

The entire space you request will be cleansed, purified and cleared using chanting, drumming, sage, and a ceremony of smoke and medicinal plants energies to clear, open and creat a safe sapce protected from intrusion, attack and negative energies!!!!

 A shamanic aura clearing is a sacred energy cleansing practice that aims to readjust energetic imbalances within the space.  It involves using spiritual practices and medicinal plants, as well as channeling the power of plant spirits in order to rid the space's energy field of disturbances caused by exposure to invasive negative energies.

The area's energy field is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the physical area.  There are electrical discharges around animate, as well as inanimate objects. While changes in the electromagnetic fields of things like rocks or furniture is minimal, living beings will show continuous change in their auric fields. 

Many spiritual and shamanic traditions recognize the existence of an energy body and the layers of energy that comprise the space's energy field.
A space's energy reflects it's purity and positive vibrational energies. If a space is "unwell" it can empower one being unhealthy or unwell mentally, emotionally, or psychologically or one will have a weaker, dimmer energy field.

In the shamanic world, which is filled with spirits and non-embodied entities of both positive and negative intent, the strength of one’s area's energy field will help fend off spiritual attacks, and make them less susceptible to intrusions by negative or parasitic entities.

 If you have a clear, vibrant space of energy you will have an easier time feeling well, at peace, calm, undistubed and safe. If your space's body isn’t strong and vibrant, your consciousness may fragment more easily as you navigate interdimensional realms, resulting in unclear visions and communications with other entities.  That is why this shamanic cleansing and purification is so important.

This will bring all beautiful clear and positive energy back into balance again!


Please allow 1- 3 days for this to align