Title: The New World of Needlepoint 101 Exciting Designs in Bargello, Quickpoint, Grospoint & Other Repeat Patterns
Hardcover - 142 pages
Author: Lisbeth Perrone
Release Date: July 1972
ISBN-13: 9780394472652
ISBN-10: 0394472659

Publisher's Note
Photographs and work charts for the designs are accompanied by general information on the methods and materials used in creating needlepoint canvasses.

Table of Contents:
What is Canvas Embroidery?
What Tools and Materials Are Needed?
The Stitches
How to Select a Design
How to read a Chart
How to Work a Project
How to Finish an Embroidered Piece
The Designs

This book has had the Table of Contents sliced out. The 2 pages before the Table of Contents have slices in them and have been taped. I have found the Table of Contents and included it here in description. The dust jacket has some wear on edges. The book is in excellent condition other than what I just noted about the Table of Contents and dust jacket.

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