Rockwell Kent
drawing from a 1949 edition of 
Giovanni Boccaccio's 14th century medieval allegory
The Decameron

Original plate (not a modern reproduction),
pen, brush and ink with a two-color wash.

 Rockwell Kent is generally considered the most important American book illustrator
of the 1920's and 1930's.
 This print was rescued from a 1949 edition of Boccaccio's The Decameron, also known as The Book of Prince Galehaut  (Italian: Decameron di Giovanni Baccacio. Cognominato Principe Galeoto). Told as a frame story encompassing 100 tales by ten young people who flee Florence during the time of the Black Death and spend 2 weeks in a deserted villa in the countryside. The various tales of love range from the erotic to the tragic. Tales of wit, practical jokes, and life lessons contribute to the mosaic. Boccacio probably began composing the work in 1350, and finished it in 1351 or 1353. In addition to it's literary import, it documents life in 14th-century Italy.
[from Wikipedia]
This plate "...keeping her hands on his shoulders..." illustrates the story of Calandrino, who falls in love with a young woman. Bruno makes him a written charm and, when he touches her with it, she goes with him. He is surprised by his wife and has a painful quarrel with her in consequence.

Excellent condition, on medium-weight paper, very lightly & evenly toned from age.
The edge that was bound is a little rough and slightly creased as seen in the scan.

plate size: 9 3/8 X 6 3/8 inches
printed area: 7 7/16 X 5 1/8 inches
(not including the caption underneath which may be covered upon matting if desired.)
Back side is blank
Highly suitable for framing!

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