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Insurance is not necessary! WE ensure the safe arrival of our items!! :)


? Please note that these items and services must by law be sold for entertainment purposes only. We cannot make any claims or guarantees relative to any outcome(s) pertaining to products we offer. We are also required to state that our Magickal items are sold as curios!! WE DO take our Religion and lifestyle very seriously and our practices are hundreds of years old, rich with great knowledge, skill and history. With that said, our items or services are not intended nor should they replace any proper medical or psychological care. Blessed be. )O(




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 FREE WITH $149 or more


About the Chest: 4 1/2 " long x 4 " wide x 2 1/2" deep, SKULL AND WINGS MOTIF chamber with a ornate motif blue velvet lining. Gorgeous!

THE SCHOLARS USED AN ILLUMINATI WORK TO 100X CAST this STUNNING MIRRORED chamber with a unique "SPELL AND SPIRIT KEEPER" spell that allows YOU to PERSONALLY 100X Magnify, Align, and Bond QUICKLY with your spell cast Magickals, Spirits, Djinn, Angels, Guides, etc.

*******Once you perform A SIMPLE VERSE PROVIDED WHILE LOOKING INTO THE MIRROR inside this spell cast chest...YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY WILL BE PROJECTED FROM THE MIRROR INTO THE SPELL CAST AND SPIRIT VESSELS YOU STORE WITHIN..?Then, simply store your spirit vessels or spell cast items for the fastest bonding and alignment time!!!!  This practice will also SEAL the vessels personally to YOU so no other can align or bond with your personal spirits or Magickals!!!

The spell cast mirror inside also has the power to HEIGHTEN the Magickal powers of pieces (SPIRIT VESSELS, DJINN, ANGELS, ANIAL, VAMPIRES, ETC)!! The spell she used upon the mirror cannot be named, as it is a long held secret ritual that she does not want to reveal!!! She has consecrated this chamber with a spell that may allow this container to restore and recharge imbued pieces of jewelry or jewelry composed of natural stones thereby enhancing their natural properties. Yet, the added element of this potent spell may also allows the vessel to draw in energies that enhance Magickal power and this causes pieces to be MORE potent than they EVER were to begin with. She says that this spell might allow for a concentrated store of energy, as well as a MASSIVE drawing of energies and she explains that once an item is placed within the chamber and the lid closed, preferably overnight during a waxing or full moon, the piece that it houses will be completely revitalized and then empowered beyond it's original powers! She says that after the piece has been recharged and then it's ability heighened dramatically, with the volume of energies required to empower either the Magick imbued within the piece or that which enhances it's natural properties, one MAY notice a definite sharpening and then very effective RISE of the piece's Magickal power.

Albina does advise that one keep this imbued chamber in a safe place, such as a drawer or a enclosed jewelry storage because of it's ability to absorb some of the energies around it. She says that if this piece is placed in a high traffic area, the energies of all of those who may touch or come in contact with the chest could cause a disruption in the effectiveness of the imbued item's restorative ability. SHE ALSO NOTES that one should be careful NOT to place a piece within this vessel too often( once a YEAR is all that may be needed!) because the volume of energies that it might draw in could actually cause one to become overwhelmed. She says that it would be wise to only recharge and empower a piece once then slowly introduce oneself to the piece afterwards to ensure that one will be able to tolerate the level of energy that the piece is emitting. My GREAT Thanks and Blessings to Albina for all of her GENEROSITY, time and wonderful abilities!

)O( )O( )O(


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