** " Horned Owl " **
** For the Sony Playstation One (PS1) **
NTSC-J,   Import for Japanese Playstation
Original Real Japanese Product!  (some sellers are offering chinese copies)
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Based on a popular Japanese anime series called Policenauts, this on-rails first-person shooter gives gamers a glimpse of the future in amazing detail and visual acuity. The character artist from the popular anime Ghost in a Shell created the models for this game, so you can expect some well-drawn and highly detailed characters throughout the game.

Putting you behind the controls of a giant mech, it's your duty to blast the evil forces that threaten the peaceful city that you serve. A tracking camera guides you through the 3D environments, as enemies pop up from behind every conceivable hiding place. The gun is accurate and easily calibrated, meaning you’ll be blasting enemies with pinpoint precision.

Manufacturer's description:
An invasion of mechanized terrorists turns your city into an urban battleground!
Time: the future- Metro City is under attack from legions of robots directed by a twisted dictator. Your squad of mech-suited cops hits the ground, transformed into deadly defense unit. Your city is buckling, street by street - can you stop a total mech takeover?

    A non-stop action shooter exclusively for the PlayStation game console.
    Two player co-op mode and KONAMI ENFORCER Gun support double the destruction!
    Interactive backgrounds allow you to blast cars, obliterate walls and annihilate mech suits on factory conveyors. Watch out-innocent civilians are everywhere!
    Incredible Japanese anime sequences connect battle scenes into an all out urban war!
    Rapid fire combat packed with futuristic war machines including cybercops, armored mechs with automatic weapons, tanks, missiles, bombs, energy scans and high-tech Heads-Up-displays.

    First person perspective
    3D graphics
    Cartoon graphics
    SCI-FI, Futuristic & Anime themes.


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