** " King's Field 2 " **
** For the Playstation One (PS1) **
NTSC-J,   Import for Japanese
Real Japanese Product!  (some sellers are offering chinese copies)
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Enter a world of forgotten lore, where mighty dragons power the will of the evil necron: where lost souls and high elves mysteriously disappear, and where kings hunger for the return of the Moonlight Sword.

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure never before paralleled. A vast three dimensional world unfolds within the island of Melanat. The world is at your command as you search for the coveted Moonlight Sword in 360º of texture-mapped, fully-rendered dungeons. Look up, look down, LOOK OUT! 3-D rendered Skeletons and dragons will jump out of the screen at you as you fight for your life.

Imagine yourself free to climb ancient ruins, traverse oceans, jump off ridges, and duel enemies at your whim. You will find yourself pulled into a spectacular non-linear, real time reality. Will you find the Moonlight Sword or will you slowly succumb to the mysterious powers of Melanat? Your courage will decide.
And now your journey begins...
* Beautiful 3D Polygon Graphics
* Complex Characters
* Fully Controllable 360º Viewing

King's Field II is the second game in the King's Field role-playing video game series. Like both its successors and predecessor, the game is played through first person view in a dark and mysterious, medieval fantasy setting. Since the first King's Field game was never published outside Japan, King's Field II was released as King's Field in the U.S and Europe. It has only been released for the PlayStation console.

The game takes place on the island of Melanat. You take the role of Prince Alexander, who has taken it upon himself, as one of the king of Verdite's closest friends, to retrieve the holy sword known as the Moonlight Sword, and return it to King Alfred of the kingdom of Verdite. Alexander is washed up on the coast of Melanat, as the sole survivor after the ship he came with sank into the ocean. To find the Moonlight Sword, Alexander must press ever forward and uncover the secrets the dark island of Melanat holds.

Prepare to immerse yourself into the vast 3D, first person perspective RPG world of King's Field. In it, you will have to collect magical keys and items, fight monsters and fellow humans in real time combat, mingle with troubled townsfolk who want you to help them, and solve the many perplex puzzles blocking your path to the dreaded and much feared Guyra.



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