** " Forsaken " **
** For the Sony Playstation One (PS1) **
NTSC-J,   Import for Japanese Playstation
Original Real Japanese Product!  (some sellers are offering chinese copies!
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The Terran System, once proud birth place of humanity, now lies forsaken, utterly abandoned and up for grabs. In the year 2113 humanity destroyed itself when it sought to harness the power of matter itself.

Tragically, their first experiment created an uncontrollable fusion reaction, which ripped apart the planet, sending an irresistible shock wave through the entire Terran System. When it was over, the Earth was devastated.

Months later, the solar system was declared "Condemned". Now, every bounty hunter, mercenary, space pirate, and free-booting scum of the galaxy has the unwritten right to raid the system and take anything that the Theocracy didn't want. The worst cut-throats known have converged on this blackened corner of the universe to engage in a desperate game of interstellar cat-and-mouse. Astride roaring anti-gravity pioncycles with deadly arsenals, they will battle to the death against each other and the dead world's ruthless robotic sentinels. For the one who emerges victorious, the lost glories of a dead civilization await. For the rest, only agonizing death.

Forsaken is a futuristic first-person shooter inspired by Interplay's Descent series. Like Descent, you have full 360° movement throughout the game's 23 subterranean stages. Characters ride sleek anti-gravity ships resembling personal watercrafts or motorcycles. Hazards such as spikes, spinning fans, and collapsing ceilings must be avoided while navigating the mazelike areas, but the real danger comes from robots and bounty hunters trying to shoot you down.

Acquire 25 power-ups and weapons, ranging from twin laser beams to heat-seeking rockets, while taking out hostile forces looking to end your exploratory mission. Infiltrate and eliminate the evil "Mechanoid Defense System" to win the game.

360° movement in subterranean tunnels
Acquire an assortment of weapons to destroy your rivals
Battle through 23 stages

Manufacturer's description:
Forsaken - The Ultimate 360 degree Death Match
"A stunning 360 degree shooter" GAMEFAN

"One fantastic multi-player game." PSEXTREME

Falling rocks. Lightning bolts. Radioactive water. Piercing spikes. Sucking Turbine Fans. And more.

"The weapons are simply awesome... the control is impeccable." ULTRA GAME PLAYERS

    First person perspective.
    3D graphics
    Cartoon graphics
    SCIFI & Futuristic themes.



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