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Resident Evil, known as Bio Hazard or Biohazard in Japan, is a survival horror video game by Capcom. The first installment in the Resident Evil series, it was originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and was subsequently ported to the Sega Saturn and PC. In 2002, a remake of the game was released for the Nintendo GameCube featuring new graphics, voice acting and many gameplay changes. A Nintendo DS port of the original was released in 2006 titled Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

After receiving a distress call from the Bravo Team, an elite group from S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) flew into the desolate Raccoon City. Apparently, the team had uncovered something concerning the Umbrella corporation -- a biotech research company. But then, without warning, the Bravo Team vanished into thin air.

Upon landing in the small city, the members of S.T.A.R.S began to investigate. They heard some strange noises coming from the surrounding woods and realized the sounds were getting closer. Scared, they took off running and kept on until they came to a large, ominous mansion. Seeking safety they entered, locking the door behind them. Their adventure had just begun.

The characters know something isn't right upon their first encounter with a zombie -- a creature of the living dead. Something is causing dead bodies to arise and walk again. Unfortunately, zombies aren't the only creatures they'll come across. Dogs have been possessed and turned into hellhounds, freaky stalkers roam the halls waiting to suddenly jump out, and various snakes and bugs crawl about.

In Resident Evil, you play the role of either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. Your choice of will determine various events and the flow of the storyline. After choosing your character you begin to explore the house, which is filled with all sorts of nasty creatures -- mainly zombies -- and some devious puzzles. Puzzles may involve putting a certain item in its right place, unlocking doors, and pushing statues. Each puzzle you solve brings you closer to unraveling the mystery behind the house and the Umbrella corporation.

Among the various things you will find throughout the mansion are item boxes. Because your character can only hold a certain number of items (Chris can hold up to six items and Jill can hold eight), you will need to safely store objects you don't have room to carry. You will also come across stones that need to be placed in their corresponding cubbyholes, health and herb medication, diaries of lab technicians, weapons, and keys.

In addition to a map and radio system, you are provided with a small arsenal of weaponry. The default weapon is a melee knife but as you progress through the game, you will also come across a 9mm handgun, a shotgun, a magnum, and explosive acid and fire rounds. But will this be enough? Can you solve the mystery of Resident Evil before its too late, or will you "disappear" like Bravo Team?

- Chris Redfield: Chris is one of the two main protagonists in the first Resident Evil game, the other being Jill Valentine. Redfield returned as a playable character in Resident Evil Code: Veronica, where he must search for, and ultimately rescue, his younger sister, Claire. Chris returned again as a main character in Resident Evil 5, where he works alongside partner Sheva Alomar to search for his old partner and friend, Jill Valentine

- Jill Valentine: Is a player and boss character in the Resident Evil survival horror series. Jill is a protagonist in the original Resident Evil, where she is introduced as a member of the fictional Raccoon Police Department's Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS). She returned as the protagonist in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and her primary goal is to elude Nemesis after the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, and then in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and in Resident Evil 5, where she was a member of the fictional paramilitary group Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA).

- Barry Burton: Is a member of STARS and is a supporting character in Jill's story in the original Resident Evil (potrayed by Barry Gjerde), appearing in Chris' story only during the opening cut scene. During the course of the game, it is revealed that he is blackmailed by Albert Wesker to do his bidding, threatening that Umbrella will harm his family if he refuses to carry out a task. He returns in Resident Evil 3, helping Jill and Carlos escape from Raccoon City before its destruction, though Jill displayed apprehension at the prospect of Barry piloting Despite such publicity Barry does appear as one of the new playable characters in the Resident Evil 5 DLC. He appears alongside Rebecca Chambers in Mercenaries Reunion, voiced by Jamieson Price.

- Rebecca Chambers: is a member of STARS Bravo team in charge of rear security. She also serves as the team's medic. She was portrayed by an actress credited as "Linda" in the live-action cutscenes of the original Resident Evil, Hope Levy in the GameCube remake, Riva Di Paola in Resident Evil Zero, and by Stephanie Sheh in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil 5. In Zero, she was modeled after the J-pop star Ayumi Hamasaki, who was the official spokeswoman for the game in Japan.
Rebecca makes her first appearance in the original Resident Evil, as a supporting character who assists Chris Redfield. She arrives at the Arklay Research Facility before the STARS Alpha team, after her unit is scattered across the Arklay Mountains. Her introduction and other appearances throughout the game vary depending on the path the player chooses; she can be controlled by the player during certain portions of the story. In Resident Evil Zero, which serves as a prequel to Resident Evil, Rebecca is one of the main characters. In the game, Rebecca comes across the Ecliptic Express train while investigating a series of murders within the Arklay Mountains. She encounters an escaped convict, Billy Coen, who helps her. The two discover that the attacks have been masterminded by James Marcus, formerly one of the Umbrella Corporation's top scientists, who has reanimated himself to kill his murderers. Rebecca also appears in The Umbrella Chronicles, which summarizes the events of Resident Evil Zero and details her experiences between Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil; the game pairs her with fellow STARS member Richard Aiken, as they work together to fend off hordes of undead creatures. She also is a playable character in Resident Evil 5 in its Mercenaries Reunion mode and is the main character in the novel Resident Evil: Caliban Cove.

- Albert Wesker: Is a fictional character in the Resident Evil franchise. Although portrayed as a supporting character in the first game, he was later established as the primary antagonist of the series; he usually manipulated story events behind-the-scenes and had a role in more games than the other main characters.

Manufacturer's description:
Gory attacks and unexplained disappearance brings your S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) unit to investigate a remote mansion. Driven into the mansion, you are underpowered and on the run and must arm yourself with anything you can find to stay alive: knives, pistols, shotguns, flame-throwers. Solve puzzles, disarm traps and uncover mysteries while trying to survive the freaks of nature and lurking horrors to get to the source of the Resident Evil.

You're dead scared... Face your fear!
Unstoppable zombies, monstrous spiders, mutated snakes and other unknown horrors prowl hundreds of rooms in the gigantic mansion, underground lairs, garden, graveyard and guest houses.
Unprecedented detail-intense texture maps, shadows and lighting effects.
Realistic polygon character graphics, unique camera angles with an ominous digital-surround soundtrack for a rich and evil 3D environment.

Third person perspective.
3D & 2D graphics
Prerendered graphics
SCI-Fi, Horror & Zombies themes.



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