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Ridge Racer Revolution is a racing game developed by Namco for the PlayStation in 1995. It is the sequel of the inaugural game Ridge Racer. The game's covers between the Japanese version and the European & North America version are different in this game.

The game's cover of the Japanese version features three regular racing cars. They are the car #3: F/A Racing, car #5: R.T. Blue Mappy and the car #18: R.T. Bosconian. However, the game's cover of the European & North America version features the debuting "White Angel" car. It is one of the three special cars/machines which you have to unlock during this entire game.

Ridge Racer Revolution is an enhanced remake of Namco's drift-heavy arcade hit, Ridge Racer. Select one of four initially available vehicles, each rated in top speed, acceleration, handling, and grip, before challenging 11 computer-controlled drivers on a choice of three courses.

Play modes include "Race," "Time Trial," and "Free Run." Race is a single event consisting of three laps, time trial is a battle between two cars, and free run lets you practice each course by yourself. You can drive from a first-person perspective or from a view behind your car.

The gameplay system remains unchanged from Ridge Racer with its set of checkpoints, time-limit and track layout (which remains the same at the beginning but then changes significantly). Like usual, the game consists of three course modes. But, the course level names are changed. They are called "Novice", "Intermediate" and "Expert". Also, all the circuits are all different between the course levels.

After the player wins the first 3 circuits on regular mode, the player has to go to the time trial mode to race on the 3 cars battle including the duel car. There are three duel cars including the original "Devil 13th Racing car" from the original Ridge Racer from the Novice course. The others are the "Devil Kid" (a smaller version of the Devil 13th car) from the Intermediate course and the debuting "White Angel 0" (as seen on the game cover) from the Expert course. Players will obtain those cars if they win them. This is especially important for these time trial race modes in this entire game. At the same time, the extra courses will be given.

Like usual, if the player obtains all three of the duel cars before playing the extra courses, the player can use one of the three cars to race in the extra courses (and race in the regular courses at the same time depending on player's like) in order to complete the entire game. After the entire game is complete, the player will unlock a new mode which is call the race scence selection.

A new rearview mirror has been added to the first-person display, allowing you to see rival vehicles in pursuit. Other changes include an improved frame rate, a remixed soundtrack, and new unlockable extras. Two-player support is included via link cable, which requires two separate systems, two copies of the game, and two television sets for head-to-head competition.

Ridge Racer Revolution has a two-player link-up mode which when played allowed the players access to the two courses from the original Ridge Racer game known as 'Special 1' and 'Special 2'. Namco makes no real changes to the original course apart from the odd texture such as the content on the billboards.

* Features three courses and the ability to race them in reverse
* Play Galaga while the game loads to unlock bonus vehicles
* Challenge a friend to a head-to-head race via link cable

Manufacturer's description:
"The impossible has happened: Ridge Racer just got better... This is the best racing game for the PlayStation by far."
–GamePro Magazine
* 13 OF THE FASTEST CARS ON EARTH Beat the clock or other cars in both Time Trial and Normal race settings-Use your skill to earn all 13 cars, plus new secret modes.
* RACE HEAD-TO-HEAD IN LINK MODE The PlayStation™ LINK cable allows two PlayStation owners to compete against one another. Note: Both PlayStations require a game CD to use the link mode. Four different engine classes available in LINK mode as well.
Think you're a grizzled Ridge Racer veteran? Think again. In LINK mode, two more tracks are available-giving you a total of five tracks and three ways to race on each.
Choose from two racing views (drivers view or behind the car) or monitor that guy on your tail with an accurate rear view mirror.
Hit the tracks with hot new tracks played with full red-line rock gusto.

    First & Third person perspectives.
    3D graphics
    Cartoon graphics
    Racing theme.



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