Carrasite Jasper Designer Cabochon

This jasper is a form of chalcedony, fine-grained porcelain stone that polishes like a dream. It is mined in Oregon not far from where the famous Morrisonite Jasper was found.

Like Morrisonite, the patterns and colors in this jasper can be extraordinary featuring streamers, ripples, and all sorts of textures. It reminds me of oil painting applied with a palette knife. These shades are subtle yet fascinating, urging closer inspection. (I had a client once tell me she preferred gemstone with a plethora of minute detail so she had something to contemplate when forced to wait.) Ivory is stained with a gentle green and hints of pink. Toward the narrow tip, colors intensify into rich rusts and sage greens.

This gemstone is a major statement in size and shape. Nearly 54 carats in size, it will be a focal point in any design! The polish is a gleaming spit shine front and back. I can cut companion gemstones of similar material if needed.

53.93 carats

64mm X 23mm X 6mm


All of my cabs are cut with an even bezel edge for ease in setting or wire wrapping. They are also slightly beveled on the backs to reduce the chance of chipping while setting. I hand cut and polish every cabochon. Each stone is the result of careful consideration and artistic flow.

If there are any distracting flaws such as fractures, pits, heavy underscutting, or vugs, I will make note of them so It is our policy to be scrupulous in our representation of merchadise we aresaleing. Should you find any misrepresentation or if you are unhappy in any way, please contact us!

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