These candlesticks are more beautiful in person.  They are tall and heavy. These are not dainty glass.  They are not marked as to manufacturer. They are 9 1/4 inches tall.  The base is round and is 4 1/2 inches across.  One has a scratch that can be felt when your finger is run across it.  When you look from the side opposite the scratch it almost looks like it is a crack.  They have bubbles in the glass from when they were made.  The unscratched one has more bubbles than the scratched one.  The scratched one has an irregular scratching inside the bottom rim where it must have been stacked on something, or it is an imperfection during manufacturing.  Below where the candle goes the clear part is solid clear glass for about 3 inches.  From the bottom the stick is hollow until a convex design meets the solid clear glass.  The convex design can be seen in the photos.  The very top of the sticks are white and then blend to iridescent blue.  The stick with the scratch has iridescence about an inch from the bottom until it meets the solid color around the bottom, where the other has more of a ring of iridescence an inch from the bottom. They look close enough to be called a pair to me.  They remind me of a Northwood Candlestick but I don't know my glass very well.

They have been in a smoke free home.

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