This piece has been in my family since purchase, and I have all the provenance to prove this and its origins and that it is an original piece issued by winslow bros under edward kemeys supervision.  His signature on the perspectus is original in pen.  So the purchaser also gets this with an original edward kemeys signature as shown in the above picture.  I have more photographs of the piece which I can send to anyone that is interested.  I will arrange a showing of the piece if you would like to inspect it prior to purchase.  This is a museum quality bronze from 1894!!!!

Here is what I know about this particular piece which was written on an envelope by Rebecca Thompson.  

Apparently this piece was brought to the family home in la crosse, wi by

Hamlin Garland, the famous american author and friend of the family...
and later went to midmount the family home. This was written on
the envelope by Rebecca Thompson....who eventually inherited this piece
from her parents. Rebecca married CE Sifton, who was a direct descendant
of the Conrad Weiser, the famous indian trader and original german pilgrim.
They were my aunts in-laws... I obtained the piece from my aunt.

Edward Kemeys (American, 1843-1907)

CHIEF SITTING BULL (also Tatanka Iyotaka), 1894

Bronze bas relief in wood frame

Dimensions: 24 x 32 inches ( approximate size )


 Marked:       E. Kemeys / artists signature  device [wolfs head in circle] (lower left)  see photo above.

cast by Winslow Bros. Company, Chicago, Illinois




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Public Collections:

Chicago Historical Society, Illinois

Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (terra cotta)


Mr. Kemeys did the bronze lions in front of the chicago art institute and some of his works are in

the smithsonian museum and many other museums in this country.  He is quite famous and all one has

to do is google him to find out about him.


Sitting Bull (c. 1831-1890) was the principal chief of the Lakota Sioux, who were driven from their reservation in the Black Hills by miners in 1876. Refusing to be transported to the Indian Territory, they took up arms. On June 25, 1876 they defeated George Armstrong Custer and his regiment at the Little Big Horn River. Sitting Bull and his followers fled to Canada, were promised a pardon, and returned to the reservation in 1881. In 1885, he appeared in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show including a tour of Europe. In 1888 at Standing Rock reservation in South Dakota, he encouraged the Sioux to refuse to sell their land. He was killed by Indian police for allegedly resisting arrest and is buried in Fort Yates, North Dakota.


"The great Sioux Medicine Man, who, in conjunction with the chiefs Red Cloud and Spotted Tail, instigated the uprising and directed the campaign which culminated in the death of General Custer and his troopers after a desperate struggle against overpowering odds, at the Little Big Horn, June 25, 1876. The portrait from which the cast is made was taken soon after the surrender of the Indians, and is a pronounced likeness. The headdress of feathers is the war bonnet of the chief." (Winslow Bros. Co. advertising pamphlet)

link with further info on the artist, his life and works :


This item weighs ????  I do not know.  This item will need to be crated by a shipper of fine art....or picked up locally.  I will help in anyway I can to assist your selected mover crate this art piece.  This is a fine piece of art and has to be handled appropriately.  Payment must be by cash or cash equivalent.  The piece will be released as soon as the funds clear.  International purchasers must hire their own international moving company to take care of customs and freight.  I will not be able to manage this.  Payment must be made in USD only.  This piece is sold as is w/ documented authenticity and is not subject to a 10% discount for items over $300.


I am willing to negotiate price with any bona fide interested buyer.

Please Note: Almost all the items that are sold in my sale are Vintage in Nature, even if they are new in the box....they are from an estate...I use my best ability to describe any faults I see, if you want more photos, please request them, I will be happy to provide them to you.

If an item is Mint to my eye, it still implies it has seen a baseline of wear due to it age.......VINTAGE, means that it has been around for awhile. Please ask any questions you may have before bidding. Additional photos can be provided, please ask.

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