Up for sale are 4 Craftsman bolt-on 20v. max items with a Black and Decker trickle charge bought a couple years ago from a OSH hardware store that went out of business. Most users of the system I know are now using the Black and Decker 20v max li-ion 2.5 or 4.0 amp hour batteries. This 20v max. Craftsman bolt-on battery though is fine. After sitting for over 2 years it was still at 19.75 volts, I charged it up full and checked it out for runtime and power and recovery and it is fine.  This is the 2nd generation power handle with the led worklight down below that Craftsman claims has 35 percent more power than the 1st generation power handle. I do not have any bolt-on chargers right now but this B&D one works. Everything is in excellent lightly used condition. E-mail me with any questions.