Most Popular Use is for Hinge Side Seal Bulb Compresses When Door Closes Applies With Very High Bond Tape 98" (2.49 m) Stock Length CRL Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal can be used on in swing or out swing doors. CRL SDTB Translucent Vinyl Bulb Seal has a rigid 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) wide back. Cat. No. SDTB closes gaps from 5/32 to 7/32 inches (4 to 5.5 millimeters). Adhere rigid flat base to glass edge or wall using our Clear Very Hi-Bond Tape (sold separately) Color: Translucent Stock Length: 98 in (2.49 m) Closes Gap: 5/32 to 7/32 in (4 to 5.5 mm) Minimum Order: 1 Each ( 98 in long).