Welcome to another great deal from EPACKS.

This sale is for huge lot of 100 un-opened PACKS of OLD BASEBALL CARDS!

I have been asked by several people to put together a huge bulk lot of cards so here it is. Kids love to open up packs and with this lot they will have plenty to do.

Most of these packs will be at least 15 years Old or older! I can't believe how fast time has passed me by.

You are going to get a good assortment of packs. I will mix up the years and brands as best I can. No more than 10 of the exact same packs per order.

You will be getting about 1,200 cards depending on the # of cards per pack.

This sale is for a huge lot of 100 un-opened PACKS of OLD BASEBALL CARDS!

FYI: Since there are so many different types of packs out there, I need a way to fairly count the 100 packs in this sale. Here's how most of us count packs: A wax pack typically has from 8 to 15 cards in it and it counts as 1 pack. A "Cello" pack has more cards(22 to 29) per pack and it will count as 2 packs. A "Rack Pack" has even more cards(42 to 45) per pack and it will count as 3 packs. "Blister Packs" can have many more cards in them. I divide 12 into the number of cards in the blister pack and that's the number of packs that I will count in this sale. Please if you don't understand email me. If you don't agree then don't bid. I think this is a very fair way for everyone.

These are all un-searched as they are part of my own collection. Mint cards right from the packs are fun to collect and you get the chance at some great rookies and stars.

You could possibly get rookie cards of: Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds, Griffey, Sosa, Biggio, Bagwell, McGwire, and lots more.

You could also get cards of many hall of famers like: Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, Cal Ripken.

And stars like Clemens, Mattingly, Puckett and of course Pete Rose and plenty more too.

You will get a variety of years and brands! Take a look at the photos of my cards sitting on top of my table and you will see why I have to sell some of these. AND this is just a small sample of what I have collected.

PLEASE NOTE: This sale is great deal for 100 un-opened PACKS. To avoid any possible confusion this sale is NOT for all of the boxes shown in the picture! I show this picture as a representation of the boxes that I will be using to pull your 100 packs from. I do sell lots of full boxes and have them available if that's what you want just contact me. This sale is intended to give you a great variety of packs from the different years and manufactures. Lot's of fun to open and your chance to get some very valuable cards.