Flavored OMEGA 3 Dog Food Toppers

Roast Beef Flavor

2 bottles, 8 oz each

Sprayable dog food toppers with nutritional benefits.



Flavored Omega 3 dog food toppers are delicious and holistic blends of all natural, human grade, edible oils and natural flavorings that dogs love. Made with human grade edible oils, no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Made in the USA. Flavored sprays can be applied to dry or wet dog food to enhance the aroma and flavor. Flavored sprays add Omega 3 to every meal which has been demonstrated to support healthy skin and coat. Great for picky eaters. Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy. No refrigeration necessary. Delicious and nutritious, makes every meal a dog treat. Made with Virgin olive oil, canola seed oil, soybean oil, flax seed oil and chia seed oil along with human grade flavorings. Does not contain any protein or salt. One 8 oz bottle will last 3 months with 2 meals per day and 3-4 sprays per meal.


Great for picky eaters

Adds a delicious flavor and aroma to every meal.

No refrigeration necessary.

Can be used with all breeds and ages.

Easy and convenient to use.

No messy cleanup after use.

All natural ingredients.

Made in the USA

All human grade ingredients

One 8 oz bottle lasts for 3 months

Supports healthy skin and coat

Adds 200 mg of OMEGA 3 per meal

Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy

No artificial ingredients or preservatives

Five flavors to choose from

Flavored Omega 3 Sprays are premium quality dog food toppers infused with Omega 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. ?Flavored Omega 3 dog food toppers are made in the USA. Made with all natural, human grade edible oils and natural flavorings. A deliciously tasteful and wonderful smelling Omega 3 dog food topper that supports healthy skin and coat. Simple and easy to use, no refrigeration required, no artificial ingredients are used in this product. Flavored Omega 3 sprays can be used every day as an Omega 3 supplement to your dog's diet. Will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy, no messy packages or bottles to deal with, no fishy odors in the house and no mixing required. Just spray the delicious tasting flavor directly in the bowl and onto the dog food, that's it! Designed by nature and filled with all the health benefits that nature provides! Flavored Omega 3 sprays are great for picky eaters too and for dogs that are placed on restricted dietary programs of bland tasting foods.

No protein, no sodium, no potassium, safe for diabetic dogs.

Boosts Omega 3 by 150 mg 3 daily! This is enough Omega 3 to see improvements in your dog's skin and coat within 5-6 weeks of daily use.

100% all natural human grade food ingredients are used to make this fantastic flavor spray that dogs love!
Improves the aroma and flavor of any dry dog food.

Supports healthy skin and coat. Contains Vitamin E

All natural Flavored Sprays for dry dog food are multi-functional dog food toppers and flavor enhancers.
They impart a delicious flavor and aroma to dry dog food. Available in a variety of flavors including: wood smoked bacon, peanut butter, roast beef, cheddar cheese and roast chicken.

They provide the health benefits of ALA Omega 3 essential fatty acids to your dog.

Great for picky eaters!

One bottle will last 3-4 months

There are approximately 192 servings in each 8 oz. bottle, no cholesterol, no Trans fats, gluten free, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or dyes, no artificial preservatives or thickeners added. Just 100% pure, human grade, plant seed oils combined with natural flavorings!

Two servings a day will provide your dog with 150 mg of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and 5 IU of Vitamin E.

Flavored Sprays are also great for dry skin problems or dog eczema due to the high level of ALA Omega 3 fatty acids.

Flavored Sprays will not turn dry dog food mushy because they do not contain any water.

Your dog will enjoy the benefits of crunchy kibbles with Flavored Sprays.

They are super easy and convenient to use, no mixing and no mess! No spoonfuls or measuring cups required and no guess work involved in the amount of topping added to the food.

Dogs love it!

It is a well-known fact that dogs require the nutritional benefits of essential fatty acids in their diet. The particular fatty acids essential to good health are both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These particular fatty acids contribute to the overall health of the dog's skin and coat and they function as anti-oxidants in the blood stream as well. The problem is that most dog food does not contain a significant amount of these essential fatty acids. This is due to the way that most dry dog food is processed. Dry dog food is subjected to very high temperatures in the cooking process. This high temperature cooking actually destroys and significantly reduces the level of Omega 3 and 6 present in the dog food kibble. This is why it is necessary to supplement your dogs diet with a source of essential fatty acids. Here are some of the benefits realized by Omega Fatty Acids..