The Story of The Mass by James C. G. Conniff 1954 HCDJ

The Story of The Mass
James C. G. Conniff
   in consultation with Rev. Paul Bussard
New York: A. A. Wyn, Inc.
Copyright 1954
Illustrated with black and white photographs and color plates

The binding is in good condition, the pages are clean but tanned and have some scattered smudges and brown age spots. The white marbled and red cover has a small amount of edge wear. The jacket is scuffed, has several nicks, chips and tears and a lot of edge wear. Good in fair dust-jacket. Hardcover.

Designed to sharpen the Catholic's awareness of his most vital religious act, The Story of The Mass is a simplified yet thorough explanation of each movement the priest makes at the altar. It is meant to give the lay Catholic a better understanding, a fuller appreciation, of his central act of worship. Moreover, this book will unfold the majestic inner meaning of the Mass to those of other faiths. There are 21 full page photographs taken from close points of vantage to provide a clear view of the Celebrant's actions. In addition, there are four full page plates in color which show and explain the priest's vestments and the altar vessels. The book begins with a beautiful color print of The Last Supper and ends with a full color page of The Crucifixion. (#00002414)