ADVENTURES OF SIR GALAHAD 15 CHAPTER SERIAL 1949 PLOT: The legendary Knights of the Round Table came to the screen in 1949 courtesy of serial producer Sam Katzman. A pre-Superman George Reeves stars in the title role, a knight who, in order to join King Arthur and his famous table, must obtain the missing sword Excalibur whose powers can render a person invisible. Sir Galahad is hindered in his quest by the occupying Saxons in general and by Merlin the magician and a mysterious Black Knight in particular. All the legendary characters appear in this serial, including Morgan Le Fay, Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Gawain. Katzman and screenwriters George H. Plympton, Lewis Clay and David Mathews added a rotund sidekick, Bors, played, surprisingly, by veteran B-Western menace Charles King. CAST: George Reeves .... Sir Galahad Charles King .... Bors William Fawcett .... Merlin Pat Barton .... Morgan le Fay Lois Hall .... Lady of the Lake Don C. Harvey .... Bartog Nelson Leigh .... King Arthur Hugh Prosser .... Sir Lancelot Jim Diehl .... Kay Marjorie Stapp .... Queen Guinevere John Merton .... Ulric Pierce Lyden .... Cawker Rick Vallin .... Goring CHAPTERS: 1. Stolen Sword 2. Galahad's Daring 3. Prisoners of Ulric 4. Attack on Camelot 5. Galahad to the Rescue 6. Passage of Peril 7. Unknown Betrayer 8. Perilous Adventure 9. Treacherous Magic 10.The Sorcerer's Spell 11.Valley of No Return 12.Castle Peilous 13.The Wizard's Vengeance 14.Quest for the Queen 15.Galahad's Triumph Running time: 252 min (15 episodes) Overseas items (eg to USA) are sent by ROYAL MAIL AIRMAIL. ROYAL MAIL do not do tracking for airmail items unless you pay considerably more for insurance for the privilege – as anything posted overseas (eg, to the USA) is not under their control. This is usually prohibitively expensive, but if you would like your item insured please contact me first. Items are usually sent the day after you pay, or perhaps the same day depending on the time difference, and delivery normally takes about two weeks (10 days usually, but sometimes longer). During busy periods (Christmas especially) it can take around three weeks. This applies to postage to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and to a limited extent, also to Europe. PLEASE NOTE I AM A UK SELLER POSTAGE TAKES LONGER (a couple of weeks, not a couple of days).