A set of circulated but rather fine 10 kroners coins minted at The Royal Danish Mint in 2005, 2006, and 2007 to celebrate the 200th birthday of the famous Danish fairy tales writer, Hans Christian Andersen.

The coins have not been officially graded, and as coin grading is not defined precisely
it can be very subjective and even vary from country to country.
I am not a coin collector myself so the notes of coin grades are approximate.
I would classify this set as: Circulated, Very Fine.

The coins are used, they do have tiny scratches and marks, but they are not spoiled in any other way, and the set looks rather nice - especially on the side with the fairy tale motives (the official reverse side).
Please see enlargements of the coins and make your own evaluation.
The coins in the pictures are the coins you'll get as all coins are scanned individually and kept in separate numbered zip-bags
waiting for your to give them a new place to stay, and where they can be admired.
If you don't find the pictures clear enough you can ask me for the original scans in 600 dpi but I think you can see all the dots, scratches and other marks from the use of these coins before I took then out of circulation. The coins are not polished but I have washed them gently with a soft brush to remove dirt, greasy fingerprints etc.

NB! The same coins in uncirculated collectors professional quality can still be found for sale at coin dealers and from a few private collectors even though they are very rare.
I have seen prices here in Denmark higher than $ 45.00 each so abroad they'll probably cost more.

Official information from the Royal Danish Mint where you can find links to further information about the motifs, sculptors, all release dates etc.

Fairy tale coins
In 2005, Danmarks Nationalbank issued the first in a series of coins with motifs from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. The fifth and final fairy tale coin inspired by the Nightingale was issued on 25 October 2007.
The motifs have been chosen to illustrate different aspects of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.

Profile of the Queen
The faces of the fairy tale coins are all alike and show a profile of the Queen by the sculptor, professor Mogens Møller. All fairy tale coins are legal tender and can be exchanged in all Danish banks at face value. ("But who would ever dream of doing such a stupid thing?" HandyMummy)

The Ugly DucklingThe Little MermaidThe ShadowThe Snow QueenThe Nightingale

Last update: 14-09-2011

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Insured shipping (R) from Denmark at most destinations (US incl.) $ 18.50 for this set of coins, but we offer combined shipping, and you will never be charged more than the actual shipping cost. The price in US $ is calculated due to the exchange rate at October  25th 2011 and may vary if exchange rates changes more than 5 %-points.

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