Hallmark 1981 Snowman ornament. No Box. I think that he is called the Jolly Snowman. He is NOT perfect- he has some yellowing near his hat and face. I do not know if it is from sun exposure (?) or maybe some sort of finish Hallmark applied that did not age well (that's what it looks like as it is even). There is some loose scarf threads- not bad as you can see- it's a very loose weave. He also has a few storage smudges. Before my description scares you off-please let me explain- I'm a bit obsessive about these things. He is a fairly costly ornament MINT- and this fellow is NOT MINT- so I don't want anyone to be confused. With that said, he's still great for display, and unless you sit around with a magnifying glass looking at them and grading them for sale- you probably won't notice the imperfections. I have other early 80s Hallmarks and other Hallmark items and Christmas items in my booth. Thank you so much for visiting Mendozam's Bonanza Booth!