The Girl Who Danced with Dolphins

This copy of The Girl Who Danced with Dolphins is a HB with a DJ.  It was published by Farrar Straus Giroux in 1991.  Condition: New/Very Good--book is new; DJ shows slight handling along the top edge.  This book came from a closed bookstore that sold new books.

From Publishers Weekly

Adrianne likes nothing better than to dive to the coral reef and admire the beautiful creatures that live there. During one such expedition, the girl is almost attacked by a shark when a dolphin intercedes, enabling her to be pulled into her grandfather's waiting boat. Frightened by the near-miss, and grateful for her rescue, that night Adrianne dreams she is a dolphin cavorting beneath the waves. Debbi DeSaix's creamy pastels, awash with soft white light and deep shadow, depict a ravishing underwater world. A dolphin arching gracefully in the moonlight shines magnificently against the black sky. Realistic portraits of a sun-bronzed Adrianne and her white-whiskered grandfather add depth to the characterizations. The poetic language of Frank DeSaix's gentle story is timeless, yet this celebration of nature's glory could not be more timely. Ages 5-8.

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