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Flapper Era Make Corset Corsets Lingerie HC Book 1921!

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Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences

Corsets & Close-Fitting Patterns

Spiral Bound Book Republicationâ„¢

by Mary Brooks Pickens

Originally published in 1921

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Up for bid is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Book Republicationâ„¢ of the Woman's Institute Corsets and Close-Fitting Garments Instruction Guide! Originally published during the late Edwardian to early Flapper Eras in 1921! What could be more fun for those who love recreating vintage undergarments than this guide from one of the best sewing Institutes of the early 1900's? This publisher's books were as much clamored for then as they are now! A great find for those who love the Edwardian and Flapper era women's under garments. (Original is not for sale)

Our new line of Spiral Bound Book Republicationsâ„¢ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use!

This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern's instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it's ease-of-use alone. I bet you'll love it too!

An excerpt:

"Corsets have much to do with the appearance of the women who wear them and also with their comfort and discomfort and, consequently, their disposition, for it can be truly said that corsets that fit properly are the next thing to a blessing, whereas ill-fitting corsets can provide as much food for ill temper as can any other thing. Nowadays the woman unfamiliar with the comforts and discomforts of corsets is a rareity, and it is chiefly to assist in the securing of proper-fitting corsets that this subject is considered at this time..."

In other words:

This information will guide you in creating a practical garment of both comfort and beauty!


Corsets and Their Accessories


Development of the Corset

The Corset as a Style Forerunner

Corset Selection

Wear and Care of Corsets

Corset Accessories

Corsets for Slender Figures

Corsets for Short-Waisted Figures

Corsets for Short, Heavy Figures

Corsets for Tall, Heavy Figures

Corsets for Full-Hip Figures

Corsets for Full-Bust Figures

Corsets for Sway-Back Figure

Corsets for Perfect Figures

Wear and Care of Corsets

Washing a Corset

Corset Accessories

Hose Supporters

Bust Ruffles

Corset Waists

Drafting Tight-Fitting Patterns

Drafting a Tight-Fitting Foundation Waist with a Two-Piece Back

Cutting the Draft Apart

Drafting a Tight-Fitting Waist with a Three-Piece Back

Drafting a Princess Pattern

Practice in Drafting Tight-Fitting Patterns

Quick Guide to Drafting Close-Fitting Patterns

Close-Fitting Patterns for Figures Out of Proportion

If you're into nostalgia like I am you will have quite the pleasure in making lovely feminine clothing for yourself or others with this great old guide! From utiltarian to lacy and naughty, let your sewing muse be your guide!

The ladies of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous work and now you can too! These are beautiful items and sure to delight you and yours! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience needleworker will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim.

The Spiral Bound Book Republicationâ„¢ you will receive is representative of the types of handicraft expertise of earlier genteel and feminine American and European culture! If you're into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment recreating antique needlework items for yourself or others dear to your heart just the way your great-grandmothers did!

You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come. This information has been scanned at a high resolution and electronically revamped to provide you with the very best hardcopy reproduction. Unlike other reproduction sellers this is NOT a cheap, grainy photocopy! Our Spiral Bound Republicationâ„¢ has so many more advantages over the original book.

What are the benefits of our antique book Spiral Bound Book Republicationsâ„¢?

* Our products are produced with front and back covers of heavy stock paper.

* Our products are made using the latest LaserJet printing technology meaning the ink will not smear like inferior photocopy or inkjet products do.

* Our spiral binding allows your book to lie flat during use for ease of viewing while working on your needlework projects.

* Our products do not cost a small fortune for you to obtain and enjoy.

* Every image and every page has been scanned to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper!

* These scans are enlarged to full-page dimensions for ease of viewing!

* You can gift these wonderful Victorian, Edwardian pattern book finds with family and friends!

Curious about the quality of this item? Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! You will appreciate the attention we have taken in providing you with a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that will be use for many years to come...

Payment: I prefer Paypal but also accept money orders or personal check.

Copyright Restrictions: All Dakota Prairie Treasures needlework, design and/or other CD or hardcopy products produced by said seller are copyrighted and owned by us (as is all listing text and photos). Any descriptive text and trademarks provided by the seller in this listing's title, subtitle and description are the sole property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. All rights reserved. You are permitted to use our product's information for items you make for yourself, as gifts or for fully complete items you may produce to sell. However, the original designs and images remain the exclusive legal property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. Neither the CD Product content or hardcopy designs or images, or any part thereof, may be reproduced, used in class lessons or duplicated in any media format to be resold or "shared" (either individually or as a package or kit) without Dakota Prairie Treasures' prior written consent. Any and all violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Returns allowed due to manufacturing defects only.

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