Chintz is something the Japanese perfected long LONG ago. The English later followed with their own designs but the process is one that was never perfected here in the United States. You'll come across these really old pieces of Japanese Chintz from time to time....usually plates and saucers and cups. But I've NEVER come across an old Cruet set like this.

Even a search on the internet couldn't pull one up.
This is a matching PAIR of hand painted Japanese Cruets. One would be for vinegar and the other for oil. It would easily date to the late 1800's/VERY early 1900's. They're in EXCELLENT Condition. I can only find one very small chip and had to really SEARCH for it. It's just underneath the opening on one and I'm really not sure that it may just be a glaze pop as the clay exposed actually has original paint on the surface!

Other than that there are NO chips, NO repairs and NO cracks. AMAZING for not only pieces this OLD but also considering they were probably USED for many MANY years. The gold trim around each is still vibrant. Each has the appropriate amount of crazing as indicative of age. Even the little stoppers are in PRISTINE condition.

The little plate they sit on came with them. It's the same design with the appropriate wear but it's not as dark as the cruets plus they're a tight squeeze on it so it wasn't made for these two pieces to sit on, but I'm including it anyway since I found them all together.  

Each cruet measures 4 3/4" tall and 3 1/4" wide and 10 1/2" around the belly. Beautiful, highly collectible pieces of Antique Japanese hand painted Chintz porcelain.