Tzumi AquaPocket Touch – Universal Waterproof Smartphone Case with Neck Strap for iPhone, Galaxy, and More 

The AquaPocket Touch Float Series allows you to use your important and sensitive items while protecting them from water damage and other harmful elements. It fits most smartphones, cameras, wallets, and more—while still granting you full accessibility of your items and even touchscreen functionality. With your phone, you can easily answer text messages, emails, and calls or even take pictures–all while your phone and other items are safe and secure. The versatile clear pouch of the AquaPocket Touch Float Series is 100% waterproof and will float in water beside you!

• 100% Waterproof: IPX7 water immersion compliance keeps moisture at bay…no pun intended!

• Floating Clear Pouch: That’s versatile and fully touchscreen accessible!

• Double-Snap Seal Technology: To ensure that nothing inside is getting wet!

• Universal: Fits all iPhones, Galaxy S3-9plus, and most smartphones with screens up to 6”. Also good for cameras, wallets, and more!

• Keep Things Close: With the included neck strap!